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Yamasee Indians

The Yamassee Indians have been described as the most fierce warriors of all the native tribes (the colonist ),
encountered. And according to wiki submitter s they are extinct and without language!
But if we take a closer look at congressional records and confessions, of sub committees, they could have never disappeared!
This leaves me to question wiki's policy of accurate information, and those whom would continue this false hood.
Researching and being led by the Current Yamassee Nation ( to Congressional online documents, show it would be impossible for this group of Indigenous people to have ever been, annihilated  especially if they were described as " Negro" or of "African" descent or even African, European books even make the claim they were here before the land bridge. Refer to Congressional link page 824 : Congressional Online Link.
Tha Piecemakerz
The documents being shown , verifies how these people survived, and had their own towns, even after the purported history of all of them going to the south (Florida), and falling out of existence!
The general term used in congressional records of "Negro" and " African" seems to summarizes the majority of the US population at this moment and describes what Seminole or Miccosuki use to look like. 
(Black Seminole Woman)
 Further research says these people were here before the Birth of Christ. And the validity of that statement can be seen in the Catawban  language /yį musí:/, literally "people-ancient" which would make plenty of since. Refer to Wiki link : (Catawban Reference) Another source is in Google Books New African!Page 39

The Yamasee, yamassee, yamasi, Jemessi or how ever you decide you want to spell it, have been around seems far to long, and  have integrated major members of other tribes in their Nation  and history shows to   just  have "Disappear".
People like that does not just get defeated by a few hundred people.

Now I can only assume, the purpose for the historians of ole, reason for writing the Yamasee Indians out of existence was for fear, that the African slaves they "Did" bring over and all their descendants would be able to link themselves back to the Yamassee and claim all of the land they once owned, it would be the biggest Land Claim, and historical jolt, ever known.
Further verification through history, shows the Yamassee were alot of times at the lead of rebellions against , many nations, with the Cherokee, Apallachee, Yuchi, Tuscarora , Choctaw, Washitaw, Seminole and more by their side!
As a Matter of fact, their lineage connects them to the Sioux, and pretty much all the tribes that exist today!

You can't have hundreds of Towns and villages, lead countless battles, and help your enemies fight with a "Small" band of Natives...It is impossible, because of the lost of life involved!
Whatever the historians tried to accomplish by using the pen to give the illusion of total extinction, also worked against them, because it is through all of their documents that prove they were never extinct!

The Cuban Connection!
What I do see is countless little stories, from hundreds of Yamassee incursions, that have been taken from different times in history, and Blended together to give the " Illusion " of such a brash statement being giving even today by modern so called historian buffs?
Documents show these set of Native Americans (Yamassee ) could have even created a large portion of the Cuban Population. ( Refer to: 

Cubans And the Yamassee)
Quote from " The Struggle for the Georgia Coast" " Though research is still ongoing,  living descendants of these African-Guale and Guale-Yamassee may yet be discovered in Modern Cuba".

How does that play out for whom the Guale were? Well history says they were and (Are) the Yamassee After a certain time period.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Total population
Extinct as tribe
Regions with significant populations
Related ethnic groups
Possibly Muskogean peoples: Creek
"Guale was an historic Native American chiefdom along the coast of present-day Georgia and the Sea IslandsSpanish Florida established its Roman Catholic missionary system in the chiefdom in the late 16th century. During the late 17th century and early 18th century, Guale society was shattered from extensive epidemics of new infectious diseases and warfare from other tribes. Some of the surviving remnants migrated to the mission areas of Spanish Florida while others remained near the Georgia coast. Joining with other survivors, they became known as the Yamasee, an ethnically mixed group that emerged in a process of ethnogenesis.'

Let the correct Spelling Of Yamassee Step Up!
Seems to be very clear and precise to me! But do your own research and see for your self, better yet I Challenge  "History Buffs" to get off their Lazy Computer chair butts and just search Yamassee in any Spelling  of their choosing in Google books, and see all of the information available hidden in these very resourceful documents!
I mentioned the spelling, because people honestly think the spelling matters, when to be exact the Y did not exist when these people were first encountered so it could have only been spelled with a "J" or something similar.
This name “Jesus” commonly used in Christianity today did not exist and would not be spelled with the letter “J” until about 500 years ago. This article will also discuss the grammatical errors involved in the transliteration of Yahshua into Greek and Latin, which radically changed the form of Yahshua’s name." 
Taken from :

Upper & Lower Yamassee or Upper & Lower Creek?
The 5 Civilized tribes include the Yamassee...

On this subject I Will let the documents Speak for themselves!
Please refer to  Page 27 of the Pdf  taken from :
The Us Gov Census:

Part 2 of this Information coming Soon!
Goto the Yamassee (Muskogee) Nation or google Yamassee Nation for more information, they are setting the record Straight on their family!
or see them on facebook!

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Yamassee Muskogee Nation

Yamassee Muskogee Nation of Florida

The Yamassee  – The Muskogee Nation Returns
The Yamassee Muskogee Nation  is a Native American Conglomerate of Various Tribes & Bands of Native American Indians, that were under the Muskogee (muscogee) Nation during the time of Various native American wars. Particularly The Yamassee War of 1715 and the Trail of Tears.
(Refer to the Treaty of camp Holmes – treaty with the Comanche & Witchetaw and associated bands and tribes)
According to their current Online Census documents The Yamassee Muskogee Nation  are comprised, mostly of Cherokee, & Yamassee Pure Blood (From Beaufort, South Carolina, ( River's Family's) Monticello, Tallahassee, Tampa & St. Augustine Area (The Gentle's),Catawba, Choctaw, Comanche ( Texas, Nevada, Arizona), Seminole, Black foot, Shoshone, Iroquois, & Mechica ( Mexican Natives). Predominately all of the tribes that were under theMuskogee Nation protection at the time of the treaty as stated in the treaty of Camp Holmes.
According to Public Record  the Yamassee is recognized as a sovereign Nation, and federally acknowledged by having a  Government  to Government relationship and being Party to several treaties, which makes the Yamassee Automatically Federally Recognized.  Yamassee outlined according to Treaty rights, their sovereign status as Natives to the Land before European Colonization and according to the Treaty of Camp Holmes, Yamassee Treaty of 1707, Treaty of Savannah 1733 , which also includes the Mechica ( Mexican) Natives that are party to the treaty.
When asked about their Association to  Mt. Arafat Embassy CLAN of Yamassee Native American Association of  nations. They the Yamassee Muskogee Nation made clear that their only intent was to help any Clans, trying to further the cause, but because of countless accusations of Wrong Doings, Tax Fraud Cases, and Controversy by that Clan, they were forced to Pull away as the best choice  for the Nation!
We do wish them well
Article 3 Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
Article 4 Indigenous peoples, in exercising their right to self-determination, have the right to autonomy or self-government in matters relating to their internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing their autonomous functions.
Article 5 Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political, legal, economic, social and cultural institutions, while retaining their right to participate fully, if they so choose, in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the State.
Article 6 Every indigenous individual has the right to a nationality.
Article 7 1. Indigenous individuals have the rights to life, physical and mental integrity, liberty and security of person. 2. Indigenous peoples have the collective right to live in freedom, peace and security as distinct peoples and shall not be subjected to any act of genocide or any other act of violence, including forcibly removing children of the group to another group.
Article 8 1. Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture. 2. States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for: (a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities; (b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources; (c) Any form of forced population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights; (d) Any form of forced assimilation or integration; (e) Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or ethnic discrimination directed against them.”
To read the UN Declaration makes it clear, that the Yamassee  Muskogee Nation of Florida and all Native people of a land are legitimate as a nation and a once Lost Tribe now have resurfaced. We can only imagine how it would take over a century for things to happen to were a once brave Heroic people, finally have the right conditions to show face again.
The Yamassee claim , that if to not exercise this common right, agreed to by the World nations, would be a disrespect to not only the Native Americans who fought hard to receive that acceptance, but to the all native American Ancestor's who fought Bravely to defend This Great land before the colonization and the openly admitted mass genocide of millions of Native Americans like the Yamassee , Slaughtered defending their freedom and Natural born rights!
To dismay,
According to anonymous Wikipedia Article Submitter's, the present day Yamassee are not the same group or bloodline of the Original Creek people called Yamassee, but instead are African  Americans pretending to be native Americans.
Firstly to have a CLAIM on Wikipedia should be met with proof, how do someone other than the individuals, make a statement as a matter of fact, with no Proof and it be treated by Websites like wiki as fact. When reading the wiki reference to the Yamassee, it Comes off as more personal than fact. There should be a Call by Wiki, to Make Sure nothing listed on their sites are assumptions or Personal. All of the research We have done on our Part describe these people, as looking like their current online Images and history purports.
Firstly COMMON Sense which does not seem to be common, in the case of The Yamassee Online Butchering,
In Every Nation a person is born, they are classified as a Natural Born citizen of that country IE ... If you are born in China no matter what your color, you would be considered as Chinese. Why is it only in the United States, that if you are born here and is not of European decent, that you are everything but Native American, being born raised and survive here. Why is it on applications there are title's before the word American. Like African American, Latin American, Asian American but when it get to our European brothers, it is only labeled White or Caucasian ?
Is this a subliminal Claim to be the only real Native's of American.
According to Google Search :
Definitions of native on the Web:
  • an indigenous person who was born in a particular place; "the art of the natives of the northwest coast"; "the Canadian government scrapped plans to tax the grants to aboriginal college students"
  • belonging to one by birth; "my native land"; "one's native language"
  • a person born in a particular place or country; "he is a native of Brazil"
  • characteristic of or relating to people inhabiting a region from the beginning; "native Americans"; "the aboriginal peoples of Australia"
From first glance at online information put out on most non B.I.A. Native American tribes, it comes out as complete Racism, slander, & ignorance on the part of these mystery , Mind reading fact Finders, Who Have your blood in hand, and have already tested it to see if your good ole fashion”African” Slave stock. Because we can't have to many of you color folks claiming tribal affiliation, better yet forget about all the books my Great grand Papi and friends wrote describing these dark skinned native's better yet You so called injuns, forget your great grandma, and grandmother every told you , there was Cherokee or any other injun running through your blood . What do they know, me & the good ole boys don't.
Who should you trust, them Yamassee folks running round the country, claiming native, don't want to pay taxes, good for nothing scammers. Who Put their documents online and tell you references to go to, and books to read the facts your self. Or me Mr. Anonymous Person who uses the internet to slander native people just Trying to Survive, matter fact those boys don't even ask uncle sam for money...
And just like the Penguins of Madagascar “ You Didn’t see anything”
Sorry that was my take on what it comes out as with online slander, If you claim your Native American heritage
This Claim these mystery people is loosely justified by a book written by William Bart ram, who visited Florida in 1777-1778 & Tribal authority at the time John R. Swanton .With no Factual proof, no blood Quantum test, or even the where bouts of the Yamassee, they Concluded they were completely destroyed. This statement then became fact that other author's perpetuated at that time because it meant open territory on Yamassee Home land and the end of a headache brought on by the Yamassee who lead the rebellion against the British and Spaniards.
Present day Researchers have dug up facts & have written books Disproving this theory of complete annihilation. And Some say there was over a Million Yamasee,  which explains the Over 200 Towns and Villages they had over the last 500 years of recorded history
One such Author titled a book called

Page from the book" The Yamassee Not Extinct"
Refer to Online link:
I have Found that by doing just a little research and truly reading you will see the admittance in history books of Dark skinned Natives, so much so that Slave owners feared African Slaves running away and hiding out with natives of the area. How could you hide unless you blend.
As seen in this on article on showing the many faces of the Muskogee Nation.

Yamasee native Americans
The Yamassee also put up several arguments, and historical documents which shows proof to dispute this claim, and even went as far as Showing present Day Chief's lineage to the Yamassee, who still inhabit Florida & Georgia, in the same Areas the Yamassee were last said to have been disseminated . These present day Yamassee still carry their birth name “Gentle” Which is the word that described the Yamassee.
Excerpt Taken from Google Books:
Their name, pronounced YAM-uh-see, is thought to mean “gentle.” When Europeans first settled among them—Spanish missionaries in the late 1500s—the Yamasee ...”
Taken from website:
The meaning of the name Yamasee is unknown, though it has been interpreted by Muskogee yamasi, "gentle." The form given in some early writings, Yamiscaron, may have been derived from a Siouan dialect or from Timucua, as there is no r in any of the Muskhogean tongues. “
Now, maybe it is coincidence, that there are still families residing in, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Monticello, Gainsville , Ocala, with the Name of Gentle which is vary rare of a name amongst Black people , but also be the descendants of the Yamassee. But according to Wikipedia we love so much!
Self Determination:
The right of nations to self-determination (GermanSelbstbestimmungsrecht der Völker), or in short form self-determination is the principle in international law, that nations have the right to freely decide on theirsovereignty and international political status without external compulsion or outside interference.
So it becomes obvious that , the mystery people have not done enough research to learn exactly how the system works. The Same system they are trying to defend From the ORIGINAL People of this great land. Because based on all the research I have done, it becomes very clear !
  1. The statement the Us Government does not recognize the Current Yamassee Native American Government, “African-Americans pretending to be Native Americans”
  2. Answer: FALSE... When you Authenticate Documents With The US Department of state, the purpose is for those documents to be accepted and used in The US & foreign countries and according to Authentication department, be giving Full Faith & Credit. And When you call the US Department of State to references those numbers they willfully tell you we have a business agreement with The Yamassee. The US government does in fact recognizes the Yamassee as a Foreign nation within the Country.
  3. The Yamassee are a Black Supremacist Group!
Answer: False
The Yamassee Native American Association of nations comprise of Red, White, Black And have Nationals from Mexico to Canada. Much like the  Shinnecock tribe in New York , (Refer to Picture)

The Yamassee Native Americans-Blog
Th Mixed Colors of The Shinnecock Tribe
How can that be a Black Supremacist group!
They take Tribal Enrollment’s based on blood Lineage and Honorary Citizen without voting rights if the elders of the Clan decides you are worthy. They Also openly post nationals Online for tribal member of the Month, Events etc...
Now to the next issue, when researching the Yamassee Wikipedia talks in past tense about the group, and distinguishes the Yamassee Native Americans as a Separate entity from the historical Yamasee with one “s” now when described on wikipedia. Question is why would the title have the Correct Yamassee spelling, then change it to describe the same group, claiming to be them. Why misspell something the Archives And government acknowledge to be the right or correct way, even in history! Why would they do that, to create a separate entity in your mind.
Take a look:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yamassee could refer to:
I guess FREE online Encyclopedia's companies, that Any one can come and give their own definition of something
and it becomes fact, is the way of the future.
Remind me to pick up some hard copies of Britannica later! : )
Now Look at the Words they use - “ could refer”
Second mess up is how do you openly call a group of native Americans, who openly practice and live their culture, accepts any kind of religious belief from nationals of their tribe then use the word black supremacist.
Would that not make all Native American some kind of supremacist when it comes to the survival of a blood line or tribe. What about the white supremacist, the Jewish Supremacist, and every other race that only wants to ensure their Natural way of life, and family generation survive.
When you Click on Yamassee Native Americans, the link takes you too a page titled Nuwaubianism , and goes on about Nuwaubian Leader Dwight york.
Why is this so important? Because the title “Yamassee Native Americans - a black supremacist group created byDwight York “
Should have sent me to a page Titled -Yamassee native Americans, then it should have went into the story of the so  called black supremacist to show the relation, is that not Wikipedia policies when creating articles. Research yourself, you will see.
So this almost comes off like a conspiracy right?
Why? Because it doesn't stop there...
The Accusation of Dwight York-Convicted of child molestation, who openly admitted to being a Native Chief, says on On a Cd Entitled “ Isle of Patmos” that he was not the chief of All Yamassee and particularly the “ Mount Arafat Clan of Yamassee” showing a clear distinction between the two groups. He “ Dwight York” says that his tribe is called “ The Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation BASSA Tribe “ Which definitely does not spell “ Mount Arafat Embassy Clan of Yamassee native Americans” nor does that say “ the Yamassee Association of nations”
To link the two groups who openly say they are separate Clans and tribes seems to be a blatant and obvious online form of defamation of character, a form of Mass genocide to keep the tribes growth to a minimum, by making them extinct online, basically makes them extinct in life and in the minds of people or readers like you!
It is a old mind trick tactic used in old Us military games and now presently being played out by anonymous writers, who keep the design of negativity perpetuated through old information that has not been up to date in some instances in 5 – 9 years, yet notice how these old articles always seem to beat out Up to date information on a group or in the example of the Yamassee character assassination. I Wonder was this how the colonist got the Choctaw and other tribes to turn on each other.
To keep them fighting amongst their selves so they can never see him coming to steal their land!
Tribes like the Yamassee who only want their natural god given rights of freedom and to live on THEIR land again. Still bear the burden of taken Shots from unknown Strangers in the night, shots more deadly than any bullet or weapon, because they are shots to the brain. They the Yamassee Suffer, because the cry of their people and the blood lost will never be paid for, because no one wants to pay!
They prefer to say we killed all the Yamassee Injuns, and that’s ,that !
Regardless to FACTUAL Proof that a certain class of Native American does exist! And The US government acknowledge them (The Yamassee), but not through the B.I.A. Which is only a welfare program for native's. Don't believe me, go see it for yourself!
The Funding of native American tribes, is close to humorous, when you see the conditions the Native's live under the B.I.A., and the amount of control they have over the Tribal governments , which are forced to comply by Duress to what ever mandate the B.I.A. Put on them. Because to violate something someone who takes care of you say, would be killing an entire race.
Tribes are forced to deal with whatever the Government put them through, all for the sake of the mighty dollar, to keep their way of life flourishing. And no, I am not making this up, even President Obama in his pre term presidential Speech to the Crow nation Reservation, that we need to get the B.I.A. Out of native American business.
President Obama also made the statement and I quote “To often Washington has paid lip service to working with tribes, while taking a one size fits all approach with tribal communities all across the nation, that will change when I am president of the United States” he goes on to say he will honor the unique government to government relationship between tribes and the federal government, and making sure treaty obligations are met.
You can find the News press here:
He goes on to Openly Admits that Our Government has not always been honest or truthful in the dealing with the Natives. He goes on to say Indians never asked for anything except the obligations set forth in the treaties.
I took an Open and stern view when writing this article and contacting the Yamassee I Was very Skeptical, see as a full blooded Choctaw native American, and yes my Grand parents were dark . I wanted to know were these the same relatives my ancestors talked about in great war stories, or are they like the websites call them, frauds!
My curiosity would not let me leave this issue alone I wanted to research and meet these people claiming to be from my stock, claiming to have died with my Ancestors, whom Died by the millions.
And After Contacting too many people to count, reading unbiased books & articles from Men who had nothing to earn by the telling me the truth, and most never knew me, because most are dead.
But their words stand true the Yamassee were thought to be extinct, but now seem to be found. And for every negative item online about MY Family, there is the unseen truth that sits in the back, like a theft, waiting for someone to notice him!
Be that one that seeks the truth, not just what anyone tells you, be able to find it for yourself so you don't cast the first stone at a people or Tribe of people, who only want is to be left alone.
By the way the Yamassee informed me, they own land in Arizona and are building A city Called “Yamassee”
When I Asked them Why the move from the regions of Florida & Georgia , why not set up there?
The response from “ The Yamassee native Americans” was and I quote:
The sun rises in the East and Sets in the West!
Simple, the people in the USA right now, foreigners from other countries, naturalize by the US , people living under temporary VISA's included, practice the customs, and the inherit live style of the so called American. Does it matter to them their culture, religious background or beliefs, NO!
They still claim are most are accepted as an American Citizen, even If they were not born here!
How is that possible, while people born on this land whom have direct contact to their lineage, still be Called AFRICAN before the Word American! Don't be Scared to be yourself, if you know you have native american in your Blood And don't want the Government to tell you who you are!
Which mostly is because of the racist blood percentages involved, and because you don't want to depend on someone else for your survival, then give The Yam-uh-see ( Yamassee, Yamasi, Yamasee ) however they want to spell it, a email or phone call to their central government, they can explain a lot better than me.
And trust me, the energy from these natives are genuine, and all around a good feeling. Like I Said don't believe me go see for yourself.